How To Embed Twitter, Facebook & G+ Posts Into Your WordPress Blog

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You may or may not have seen them: posts from Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus embedded into a blog post or some other web page. In principle the the process is much like embedding a Youtube video – except for Facebook & G+ you’re required to install some scripts in your HTML mark up.

I think embedding social media posts is great way of curating content, adding a fresh take on your content curation can only be a good thing, right? In this post I’ll show you how to do it, but first quick note: I wouldn’t recommend embedding too many of these into one post (like I’ve done here) as it will effect your page load speed – the more embedded posts you dial in per page, the longer the page load.

Tweets for “content curation tips”

Lets start with the easiest one. Head over to Twitter and search for a topic related to your blog post. Once you’ve found a Tweet you like, click on the …More link > embed Tweet > copy the embed code and drop it in to your blog post. Just like you do with Youtube – here’s the result:



Facebook posts for “content curation tips”:

Now in principle the process is the same as Twitter, except Facebook says you’ll need to do a couple of things: 1) create a Facebook application and 2) add some JavaScript to your HTML. However, Ryan Hellyer of Metronet has released a nifty WordPress plugin that does all of that for you. Simply install the Metronet Embed Facebook posts plugin and then do the following:

Search for the posts related to your topic > click the down pointing arrow (top right corner) > click on embed post > copy the code > paste into your web page.

Here’s a great post for further reading on this: 6 Creative Ways to use Embedded Facebook Posts

Google+ posts for “content curation tips”:

Find the post you want to embed > click on the drop down arrow (upper right corner of the post) > click embed post > copy all the code from the pop up box > paste into your WordPress post. Here’s what they look like:

For more information take a look at:


Do you embed social media posts into your blogs? Do you have other ways to use embeddable content like this for your content curation? I’d love to hear them! Let me know in the comments – thanks.

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