10 Reasons Why Infographics Work & What Makes Them Go Viral

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Infographics first appeared around 2009 but didn’t really gain traction until around mid-end 2011, and the trend has been storming up the Y axis ever since. I pulled this Google Trends graph to show the popularity of infographics as a marketing tool.

Infographics Google Trends 2014 - Brite Social

Sure all good things come to an end (or at least plateau) but looking at this Google Trend timeline, and Google’s 2014 forecast, I don’t see infographics falling off the chart for a little while yet. Do you agree with that?

So what makes infographics so popular?

  1. Visually appealing – what infographics do very well is turn relatively dry data into works of art – what would you prefer, a juicy infographic or dry microsoft spreadheet to digest your daily data quota? Hmmm, cells & columns anyone?
  2. Easy to digest content – scanning data is easier via infographics, a well design one leads your eye to the important stats
  3. Compelling to share – a good infographic should be a shareable info graphic. The shares are social proof of an infographic, the more shares the better it is, the better it is the more shares.
  4. Pinterest loves ‘em! – its no secret that Pintrest users love infographics there are literally thousands of infographic Pinterest boards.
  5. Boosts brand awareness – all this sharing achieves great brand visibility for the creator. Thats viral marketing in action.
  6. Demonstrates good analysis of the topic – a good infographic is not just a pretty picture, the real value is the data is presents. A well researched data set, demonstrates a high level of analysis and understanding of the topic.
  7. Creates countless inbound links – bloggers who write about that topic will repost a good infographic, it makes blogs look pretty and they don’t have to write that much! This means targeted and more importantly relevant inbound links back to your site.
  8. A well optimised infographic can boost your keyword & SEO ranking – by placing your keywords in the title & description metadata you will benefit a great deal from keyword ranking and organic SEO
  9. Engaging – a decent data set and well designed meaningful infographic will tend to drive comments and discussion around the topic, creating a ripple effect of social signals
  10. Become an authority – the research required to create an infographic will display your knowledge and position you as an expert on your category or topic.

So what goes into making a good infographic?

There are a number of factors that go into making a good infographic – data and representation of said data being the upmost important. But there’s a whole list of things that work towards turning a good infographic into a great infographic. A post on the Search Engine Journal does a great job of breaking this down: The Definitive Guide To Writing And Promoting A Viral Infographic

Here’s a round up of the SEJ guide and what goes into making a successful infographic:

  1. Titles
  2. Find a narrative thread
  3. Outline your key points
  4. Gather your data
  5. Choose your positioning
  6. Decide what visual approach to take
  7. What’s you visual hook?
  8. Choose your colour scheme
  9. Test your design

These are just a few of the tips covered in the SEJ guide, there’s a whole section on infographics and SEO and I think the post definitely qualifies as a ‘definitive guide’ – if you’re thinking about infographics for an upcoming campaign, then this guide really has it all – read it in full here

Tools to help you create infographics

If you’re handy with photoshop or illustrator then this infographic pack has 105 amazing & modern designs all files are editable (PSD, ESP and AI formats). This pack is the best I’ve seen and for such great value for money – yes, its an affiliate link but I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t believe in it.

Here’s a few screen grabs from this collection:

Infographic Templates Buy - Brite Social

✸ Available in PSD, EPS and AI formats ✸ 35 unique templates, each available in 3 colours ✸ 100% Vector format ✸ [click here to buy this pack]

Create infographics online

Visually’s mission is helping you create visual content that rises above the noise. Our platform seamlessly connects designers, journalists, animators and developers with clients, featuring cloud-based collaboration tools that allow us to deliver high-quality content at unprecedented scale and speed.

Piktochart now has more than 600,000 users and 10,000 SMEs, charity organisations and educational institutes are using Piktochart Pro.

Infographics, online charts and data visualisations. Create, share and discover illustrated data. Super-easy data visualisation for everyone.


I certainly hope this post gives you enough reason to look into developing your own infographic, I know it has me. So watch this space as a Brite Social Infographic will be coming to a browser near you sometime soon!

Any questions about the topic of this post, let me know below. Or if you’re feeling up to it, consider sharing this resource with your tribe.


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